Coventry City and the surrounding area.(1)

Sigh, Coventry is a real pearl amongst the cities in the UK... If there only were not all these students..

Close of argument. ;)
f.l.t.r Heinz-Gerd "Sunshine-Live" Wolf, Markus "Louder than hell" Lautermann, Berno "Kein Problem" Misgeld, Stefan "The Steffmeister" Engels, Fabian "Leadsound" Bley, Dr. Thomas Wenzel, Thorsten "Totti" Wagner, in front of our rival's house (competing for a place in Mister Upalls heart, of course). These are the fellas from Carmelite Road. Not in the picture, (since he's behind the camera) Sascha "Saschi" Friederichs.

Far far away from civilized research, the british farming guys of the 18th century did not even clone dolly, but they breeded the first cloned house. As you can see, they've consequently continued and improved their techniques.

The most important facility adjacent to Cov uni. The Whitefriar's Pub.