Quotent Quotables

Here you find famous quotes that have influenced our lives in and before Coventry. 

New (May 19th):

"He was wearing Turnshoes" (Markus, this time gramatically correct)

"Let's make a break" (Either gramatically correct or finding the correct words, but never both, eh?

"In meiner Familie haben alle promoviert, da mußte ich auch." ("In my family everyone has taken a degree, and that's why I had to, too." Prof. Bornschein)

"Mal verliert man und mal gewinnen die Anderen!" ("Sometimes you loose, and sometimes the others win." Edgar M.)

"Seitdem sie hier sind wird alles umgebaut... Behindertengerecht!" ("Since you are here, this place is constantly under construction, they're rebuilding it... to suit the handicapped!" Prof. Bornschein, a.k.a. "Natrural Bornschein Killer" ;-) )

"Good Hungry!" (Markus shows off with his great knowledge of the english language)

"Ich bin erst dann zufrieden wenn es Spiele wieder auf Modulen gibt und 'Hallo Spencer' auf DVD rauskommt." ("I'm only happy when games get released on modules again and 'Hallo Spencer' [famous german kid's show] gets released on DVD." Heinz-Gerd)

"What capacity does this condensator have?" (Stefan should check out a dictionary)

"Kein Problem!" ("No Problem", Berno's answer to everything)

"The loosers are gonna loose." (unknown)

"Holy Moses!" (Heinz-Gerd Wolf)

"Juh wont Kollädderäl Dämädsch? Ei giff juh Kollädderäl Dämädsch!" (We all love Arnie's accent)

"Die Vier ist die Eins des kleinen Mannes." ("'Barely passed' is 'Distinction' of the small man." Edgar Maaßen)

"Das ist aber schön wenn der Opa den Enkel mit zur Uni bringt." ("That's nice, when Grampa takes his grandchild to the University..:" Edgar to a known 60+-years old professor of our german university, who still managed to get a child that is two years old now)

"Ja, mein junger Padawan?" ("Yes, my young Padawan?" Mr Ackermann in the week after Episode II hit the cinemas)

"So, des ganze nennt sich denn Tunneleffekt, des erinnert mich jetzt an damals, da ham wa auch Tunnels gebaut... Manche wurden dabei erwischt, andere wurden gefilmt... Heute würde man Big Brother dazu sagen... Oder man macht nen Film draus..." 
("Well, this is called 'Tunnel-Effect', which reminds me of us digging tunnels back there, too... Some of us got caught, others were filmed... Nowadays, you would call this 'Big Brother'... Or you would make a movie of it..." Prof. Mohnke remembers the old time in former east germany)