Welcome to Coventry!

Welll... It has taken a long long time to start this page, finally we've done it! Now you're able to follow our lives over here, live and in colour.

Right at the moment, there's not very much to see here. But we promise to add occasionally new stuff, at least once a month.

Coming Soon:

The Foto-Lovestory

(Here is a preview to attract your senses)


19.5.03: 4 new quotes

12.5.03: FAQ added
Two new Quotes
Translated the whole site into english


A guided tour through our lovely home

Coventry City

The university (or: Life before beer in Coventry)

Famous quotes (a.k.a. From 'Moinsen' to 'Wirsing')

Things that are more interesting than a bottle of green spam

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